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Platinum Wedding Rings For Women – Wedding rings are the earliest and most extensively appropriated visual sign of marital condition throughout human society, with traditions of the wedding celebration band exchange dating back to Old Egypt 6,000 years back. The rings themselves have actually taken various layouts, products, as well as integrated a wide range of different gemstones. In Europe they took the form of Claddagh rings and Gimmel rings, in some cases consiting of 2 interlocking wedding bands that the bride-to-be wears with each other after the wedding. In the Middle East comparable “challenge rings” were developed using lots of interlocking bands that hold together when worn on the finger, as well as would certainly crumble if removed.

In 1477, the first diamond involvement ring was presented by Archduke Maximillian of Austria, not to his new bride, but to her daddy as a token of their two mondarchies unifying. This nonetheless is the origin of our modern-day concept of a wedding event ring, a gold band with a diamond set on top, signifying the toughness and also purity of everlasting marriage. Maybe one of the most essential style today is the solitaire setup, developed by Tiffany and also Co. in 1886, which features a solitary large diamond embeded in a claw style mouting with 4 or six prongs holding the rock in position, as well as enabling the stone to show the maximum quantity of light.

Platinum Wedding Rings For Women

At Oceanside Jewelers, we have a full service precious jewelry workshop, run by owner as well as master jeweler Chad Elliott, incorporating the abundant background and also hand craftsmanship of jewelry making alongside modern computer system layout as well as manufacture techniques. As a personalized jeweler, we’re able to cast in-house wedding event rings and guys wedding celebration bands in any type of precious metal; 14k, 18k, 22k, gold in white yellow or increased, sterling silver, as well as platinum. We likewise carry an inventory of countless loosened diamonds as well as tinted gemstones, as well as are additionally able to incorporate your antique stones right into the layout of your wedding event ring.

Personalized Layout Ladies Wedding Rings and Mens Wedding Bands, Along with custom layout, we likewise bring a selection of brand-new and pre-owned wedding celebration ring styles in supply in addition to males wedding bands. For those looking for the most basic layout, we carry simple wedding event bands in silver, gold, and platinum, and also offer etched lettering on the within.

On top of that we lug a complete line of bands from Benchmark, who creates rings in “contemporary steels” such as Tungsten and also Titanium, preferred in males’s wedding celebration bands for their longevity and also downplayed dark metallic colors. In ladies wedding celebration rings we lug a wide variety of designs in white as well as yellow gold and diamond, from straightforward modern solitaires to ornate vintage halos, etched as well as patterned bands, or diamond infinity bands.