History of Wedding Rings on the Left Hand

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History of wedding rings – Most people know that the wedding ring is a symbol of the bond of love and commitment between two people. But not everyone knows about the history behind this small but powerful symbol.

History of wedding rings returns not just hundreds but thousands of years. No more wedding traditions during exercise. Egypt wear a ring on his left hand because it was believed that the blood vessels in the left hand straight to the heart. This tradition is still commonly practiced today in most parts of the world mostly for practical purposes.

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But there are some countries and groups that do not follow this tradition. In various countries, History of wedding rings is placed on the index finger. Traditionally there are some who are still wearing their wedding rings on the right side.

It is interesting to note that in history of wedding rings only in the last century that men have started wearing it. However, now both men and women show their love and commitment by exchanging rings on their wedding day.

Once you start shopping for your ring may be amazed with the choice that awaits you. There are several types of metal: the traditional gold, white gold, platinum, and titanium.

History of Wedding Rings on the Left Hand