Classic Taste with Antique Gold Wedding Rings Style



Antique gold wedding rings – When shopping for a wedding ring, some couples drive to the most jewelry store on the street and in the mall. Of course they choose for the antique gold wedding rings. Antique gold wedding rings are heritage things that can be pass down for generations.

Antique gold wedding rings characterize that it is a ring over the age of 50 years. So it is possible that antique gold wedding rings on the market today dates from the late 1800’s through the 1950’s. The wedding ring is often cheaper and usually contains better craftsmanship than the average over the counter manufactured ring.

The second is the art of Nouveau Era (1890-1915), art of nouveau jewelry is taking the design of the forms of life; flowers, animals, insects with the extensive use of enameling.  Such is the information about antique gold wedding rings, may be useful.



Antique gold wedding rings

They can be refer to as vintage, a term used by jewelers to “old”. Vintage is also sometimes used to describe rings made to look like it was from that era.

Just like painting, this antique wedding rings can be classified in different eras, here are the most common. The first is -Victorian Era (1835-1900), the dominant Victorian jewelry set in yellow or rose gold. The design is quite simple and elegant. With a single solitaire diamond or a row of diamonds, many rings including an elegant hand carved engravings.


Antique gold wedding rings