Choosing the Perfect Design of Trio Wedding Ring Sets

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When looking for trio wedding ring sets, the first choice is between white gold and yellow gold. Everyone knows about the golden yellow, but a lot of people are not familiar with the concept of white gold. White gold gets popularity and recognition in recent times. Gold, when naturally mined and metal extraction has traditional yellow color.

When people think of gold mining and gold nuggets, it is a classic yellow gold that comes to mind.Trio wedding ring sets consist of white gold and yellow gold of the same material, but mixed with different metals to give a silver color. 14-carat white gold ring has exactly the same amount of pure gold, such as yellow gold ring, at 58.3%.

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trio wedding ring sets

In addition to this, yellow gold along with copper and zinc will give a yellow color. Moreover, the white gold is usually combined with palladium and silver to give a silver color.White gold will create a different look and feel of the jewelry and wedding rings. It is a popular choice for wedding rings because it has the same look and feel as the more expensive and luxurious metals such as platinum and titanium. Silver Gold also will create a striking effect in combination with a cut diamond as well. Traditional white gold ring is also more durable and scratch-resistant than yellow counterparts because of strong metal used to make them. That’s all about trio wedding ring sets.

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trio wedding ring sets