List of Stores That Sell Vintage Wedding Dresses NYC

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Vintage Wedding Dresses NYC – If you want a vintage fabulous for your wedding, make sure you know where to find the best of New York’s retro fashion. There are some places in New York where you can find vintage wedding dresses NYC or a retro dress and suit or jacket. Take a look at these stores and see how beautiful their collection is.

Shareen Vintage

You can find everything in $150 while the vintage wedding dresses NYC are not more than $250. Visit their website at or go to their store at 13 W 17th St between Fifth and Sixth Aves. Due to the indecisive opening time, make sure to make Call ahead for an appointment.

The range starts from ’60s Dior to ’80s Contempo Casuals tube dresses which you should not miss it. There is Black full-length dress for $110 that is perfect in shape.

Vintage Wedding Dresses NYC – Amarcord

Added by a Brooklyn outpost with more than 45,000 quantities, Amarcord is located at 252 Lafayette St between Prince and Spring Sts or visit their website at This shop is owned by Patricia Field, a stylist for Sex and the City.

She concentrates vintage wedding dresses NYC from French, Italy, and England including collection from Vionnet to Vivienne Westwood. You can find 1960 cocktail dress with A-line vintage circaand circular beading detail for $600. You will love the weight, the shape, the way the beading was done and density of the fabric. This gown is great for your wedding especially due to its festive sparkle and shine.


This place is the type of store that you want for yourself. Located at 13 Christopher St between Greenwich Ave and Waverly Pl, the store can be reach through so you can find everything from vintage cutlery to 20s dresses.

Many of the products are its own brands or independent contemporary designers but do not underestimate the aesthetic aspects. There are 1950s lace black vintage wedding dresses NYC with bolero lace that costs $150 although it looks too dramatic for your special moment.

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Exquisite Costume

Owned and curated by former fashion stylist Stacy Iannacone, This small and old-fashioned shop is located at 377 Broome St between Mott and Mulberry Sts with website Stacy has a liking for discovery impudent and off-the-wall vintage such as Civil War brocade coats to ’90s applique Moschino skirts.

The vintage wedding dresses NYC include Silk satin champagne-colored wrap dress that costs $545.this dress is glamorous as the fabric flows although it feels more like a party dress than something for marriage day.

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