Non White Wedding Dresses In Avoiding Similarities

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Non White Wedding Dresses – We, nowadays, tend to stuck on the “ground rules” in every events such as the wedding day where for example the color that must be used in our wedding day is white rather than non white wedding dressesYes, every single person, including us, will answer the same answer which is white when being asked what color is commonly used in the wedding day.

Well, yes, if the question is about the usual color to be used in the wedding dress but if were looking for the best wedding dress to be worn by us in our big day then white is not always the answer.

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Non White Wedding Dresses

Non White Wedding Dresses Color In Avoiding Similarities

There are tons of variety when it comes to the color of the wedding dress which makes the non white wedding dresses become more popular in the current trend. People in this era, including us, avoid to look same or similar with the others whereas by choosing white wedding dress, it makes them look similar with other married couple.

Therefore, we tend to choose different colors to be applied in our wedding dresses which will not disappear the meaning of our big day.

Some of the great colors that are widely used in the non white wedding dresses are champagne, cocktail, ivory, pastel, and many others. Those colors is, at some points, show a similarity which is the brightness.

Yes, the appropriate brightness that also looks similar with white therefore it makes those colors as the best replacement of white. For example, champagne color which is adopted from the color of champagne as beverage is a perfect combination between yellow and orange color.

Those delightful colors will make us stay different in our wedding day. Such unique colors such as mint green and light blue are also becoming popular in this era where when it is accompanied with an appropriate design, it will make our wedding day more memorable and also look fancy in the photo album therefore non white wedding dresses are highly recommended for every couple who wants to stay different and memorable.

Current Trend Is All About Staying Different

Nevertheless, it simply doesn’t make the use of white as the main color in the wedding dress become unpopular nowadays. It still is but often being combined with other luxurious patterns on the white-themed wedding dress.

In conclusion, people tend to avoid any kind of similarities when it comes to fashion and so as in the wedding dress hence another variations will soon emerge to fulfill those needs to stay different.

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Non White Wedding Dresses

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