Wedding Cake Toppers for the Memorable Wedding

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Wedding Cake Toppers is a small decoration in the top of wedding cake which is usually regarded as the representation of the bride and groom’s wedding. Many wedding cakes use bride and groom dolls wearing the formal attire. It is actually very classical. Nowadays, many couples want something different in their wedding cake. They try to make Custom Wedding Cake Toppers to make the unique one.Deciding Wedding Cake Toppers are interesting. Best thing to do when it comes to deciding the cake toppers is that it can be personalized. Besides, simply a cake topper can make a memorable wedding for the couple itself, because they can express their personality toward a topper. Before deciding the Wedding Cake Toppers, make sure that your wedding cake and the topper should match with the style. Here are some ideas of Unique Wedding Cake Toppers for the memorable wedding day.

If you are bored with the bride and groom dolls for the Wedding Cake Toppers, you can try another unique idea. The wedding monogram is good for those who like something simple but still unique. The monograms can be the couple’s initials. The letters are made into a work of art, so that you can have an artsy cake topper. Or, you can just say something nice through the monogram, for example ‘LOVE’, ‘Love Grows Here’ or other beautiful and meaningful words. Make sure that the words are not too long.

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If you are the type of person who likes something funny or you are the animation lovers, you can try to put funny characters as your Wedding Cake Toppers. The funny characters can represent your unique personality. The cartoon character such as Angry Bird can be customized into the best cake toppers. Design the Angry Birds characters into a bride and groom that can still match with the formal wedding style. Many people will definitely love it.

Those are the simple cake toppers ideas for your memorable wedding cake. Even from the simple idea, you can personalize it into something different that other people cannot think about. Once you come to deciding a cake topper, you can think of your own personal interest. It can be your hobby, job, favorite things, or personality. You can express the uniqueness of your love life too. Do not forget to match the cake toppers with your wedding style. It is one of the important details that can support the whole wedding theme. Try to give meaning to your cake toppers, and impress your guests with the beautiful Wedding Cake Toppers.

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Wedding Cake Toppers