Wedding Shower Invitations: Things to Consider

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Wedding Shower Invitations are one of the most important aspects that we have to prepare on the wedding preparation if we decide to make a wedding shower to our best friend.  Wedding shower, or usually called as bridal shower is an occasion before the wedding day where the bride-to-be’s best friends held a gift-giving party. It is a private party, because only the bride’s closest persons who can involve in this event.


Because it is a surprise party for the bride-to-be, the ones who arrange this event is her best friends. Usually they make Wedding Shower Invitations to the guests who are going to be invited. Commonly, the invitations are very simple. The invitations are simply made to inform the guests about the wedding shower. Even it is a simple thing to realize, there are still some things which need to be considered about making Wedding Shower Invitations.


Wedding Shower Invitations: What to write?

There are many formats or templates that you can follow to make the wedding shower invitation. The most important aspects of Wedding Shower Invitations Wording is the clear information. On invitation, we have to give the clear information to the guest in simple words. Do not use the complicated words. Since it is a private invitation, just make it as clear as you can in order that your guests can understand the information easily. Make sure you already put all the important information on it.  The details that you have to put are; the event, hosts’ name, location, time, RSVP information, and direction (if needed).

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Wedding Shower Invitations: What to Do?

What should you do after receiving the Wedding Shower Invitations? There is Wedding Shower Invitations Etiquette that you have to follow. Since it is a private and surprise party for the bride-to-be, all the guests who have already received the Wedding Shower Invitations should keep it secret. Do not invite other people who are not listed as the guests because it is impolite. On the invitation, it is not appropriate to put the gift detail information. If any, the host should be able to inform it privately.


Holding a wedding shower is not a must. It is optional because it depends on the custom which is used in the whole wedding sequence. If you have decided to hold a wedding shower to your best friend, make sure that you do it well because it is going to be a memorable party for the bride-to-be. Wording and etiquette are the most important things of making the invitation. By considering those two things you can make good Wedding Shower Invitations.

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