Expensive Wedding Dresses in the World Must Have

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Expensive Wedding Dresses – Wedding is the special moment when everyone wants to have everything to be wonderful and amazing. It involves spending hours out to shop beautiful wears, shoes, and other items for both bride and groom for this day.

Expensive Wedding Dresses in the World Must Have

Some people spend extra money on purchasing a costly and stunning wedding dress. Many rich people in the world willingly buy one wedding dress spending billions of dollars. Take a look at these the world’s finest and most expensive wedding dresses.

Grace Kelly Gown by Helen Rose

This top of the expensive wedding dresses is designed by Helen Rose containing ample details of silk. The dress is extremely impelling and costs at $35 million with details include silk taffeta, silk net yards, and a vintage Brussels rose-point tie.

It looks lovelier with a fitted bodice. To make it look lovelier than any other wedding dress, it was prepared with pearls and veil and sleeveless.

Wedding Dress With Peacock Feather

As its name, this peacock Feature wedding outfit is gorgeous and was created with real peacock feathers. The price tag of this one of the expensive wedding dresses would surprise you and would be out of the range of many of us.

Presented by Danasha Luxury in 2010, $30 million is needed to bring this lovely dress to your special time. Gold of 18 carats and heavy diamonds embellish this dress along with pleasing peacock features that are hand-stitched to certify its quality.

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Diamond Wedding Gown

It is like a dream comes true wearing such a gorgeous wedding dress. There are almost 150 carats of diamonds that were studded with laces into the expensive wedding dresses and the veil that comes with it has rhinestones. Cost around $29 million, Renee Strauss and Martin Katz are two designers that create this sparkling and eye-catching gown.

Wedding Dress Worn By Princess Diana

Designed by David and Elizabeth Emmanuel, this special dress was worn by the lovely Princess Diana. These expensive wedding dresses are added its value by Diana’s personality. There are pearls and arrangements of lace embellishments on the bodice. Priced around $26 million, 24 feet long train can add another highlighting feature.

Catherine Zeta Jones Wedding Dress

Not many people have seen Catherine Zeta Jones wedding dress.  It is one of the sweetest and expensive dresses ever worn by any Hollywood figure. This dazzling American star should pay around $23 million for the expensive wedding dresses and was finest fitted to her. To add value to its beauty, there is a V-neck, diamonds and silk, a 6 feet long train, and sleeveless feature on the dress for elegant look.


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