Tungsten Wedding Bands Overview that You Have to Know

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Tungsten Wedding Bands are the contemporary styles of wedding ring. It usually costs cheaper than gold or silver. Tungsten, or usually called wolfram, is a chemical element that has some amazing properties on it such as grey-white metal elements. It has the highest melting point and tensile strength compared to other material, and that makes this type is durable and unique. Like other types of wedding bands, this type of wedding band has many styles that can be customized too.


Tungsten Wedding Bands are not purely made of tungsten only. It is made of tungsten carbide, the combination of the equal comparison of carbon atoms and the tungsten itself. It is because tungsten material is difficult to be processed. Since making wedding band is little bit complicated, it needs to be combined with another material which makes it easier to be mingled. However, it does not decrease the value of the tungsten band itself.


Tungsten Wedding Bands Quality

Many people seem like they underestimate Tungsten Wedding Bands. They assume that it is not durable and brittle, so it cannot be used as a good wedding ring. It is not totally true. Tungsten carbide is very durable, even more durable than palladium, gold, silver, or platinum. It is also very resistant to scratch, so it can be used for your daily life without worrying for being scratched. Tungsten Carbide Rings can be broken or cracked in certain condition, for example extreme force to the ring.

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Tungsten Wedding Bands Styles

If you have decided to choose Tungsten Wedding Bands, you should know what style that will fit on you. Since this kind of band has high durability, it is usually used by men. The most popular Men’s Tungsten Wedding Bands usually is the comfort one, flat, and, has simple diamond, with brushed layers. For women, there available also the contemporary style wedding bands with channel set diamond. Or, if you are looking for two-tone tungsten wedding ring, choose the rings which are made with inlay.


For those who choose Tungsten Wedding Bands for their wedding rings, do not be scared. This ring material is highly recommended for all, especially for men. Because of its durability, this ring will create the everlasting ties between you and your partner. Make sure that you choose the correct style that fit on you. Since it is not easy to be resized, you have to make the best size ring for you. By considering those important things, you can get the best Tungsten Wedding Bands.


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