Wedding Invitation Wording; Things to be Considered

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Wedding Invitation Wording cannot be just ignored when you are making the wedding invitation. The purpose of a wedding invitation is to announce your wedding party to everyone that you want them to be there in your wedding day. You have to choose the appropriate words in your wedding invitations in order that your invitation can deliver the message to the guests well. Here are two important aspects that can help you to make a good wedding invitation.

Wedding Invitation Wording Uses Straightforward Words

In a wedding invitation, our purpose is to tell the guests that there will be a wedding in a certain date, time, and place, and you want them to come to the wedding. The essence of a wedding invitation is that simple. Sometimes we confuse about what to write in the invitation. You don’t need to put sophisticated words which meanings are too difficult to be understood. Just use the straightforward words to keep the basic style of wedding invitation wording. The basic style will make your invitation feels more clear and direct. Do not confuse your guests, or they will just ignore your wedding day only because they do not understand the words.

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Wedding Invitation Wording

Wedding Invitation Wording Gives Clear Information about What to Do

After you choose the straightforward words, then what is the next thing to be considered in the wedding invitation wording? Give the clear information to your guests about what to do after they have been informed about the wedding. Setting up the RSVP is very important for a wedding preparation. You need to confirm the numbers of the guests in your wedding to fix the amount of foods, chairs, souvenirs, or maybe the venue. Make sure you end the wedding invitation with call-out information.

Beside setting up the RSVP, you might have certain ‘rules’ in your wedding, for example dress code. Nowadays, many couples requires their guests to dress the way you want them to in order to make the wedding more beautiful and memorable. Deciding the dress code for the guests is not a must, but if you want to do it, don’t forget to inform your guests as the part of wedding invitation wording.

Wedding invitation wording cannot be avoided. You might hire someone to do the wording, but at least you need to check again the final result to avoid mistakes. If you do it by yourself, you have to keep the purpose of basic wedding invitation which is to inform and invite the guests. The information should be clear and easily understood. You have to make sure that your guests will not get confused about the details and requirements of the wedding through wedding invitation wording.



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Wedding Invitation Wording