Choices of Wedding Balloon Weights

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Balloon weights for wedding parties are available in various shapes and colors. A balloon wedding reception is one of the popular wedding reception ideas. If you are planning to have balloon centerpieces on your reception, you will need to weigh down these balloon centerpieces so that they stay in place. Keeping the centerpieces secure is very important. If one of them flies away, it will surely cause an embarrassment.

To weigh down the centerpieces, you need to attach each of them on a balloon weight. Choosing the most interesting ones can be a bit confusing since there are numerous choices of them. If you have a big and luxurious balloon wedding reception, you can match it with balloon weights that look luxurious and expensive.

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Balloon weights

One of them is a crystal heart balloon weight. This kind of balloon weight is very beautiful. It will look great for an evening wedding reception since it will reflect the light beautifully. You can also choose a wedding cake balloon weight, a star balloon weight, or a gold balloon weight. If you want a simple looking balloon weight, you can choose a simple foil balloon weight. This particular balloon weights are available in various colors.

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Balloon weights