10k White Gold Wedding Ring Set for Women

10k White Gold Wedding Ring Set,10k White Gold Cubic Zirconia Wedding Rings

When it comes to get 10k white gold wedding ring setthere are several things to consider. At the same time you do not feel that having only four prongs makes your diamond more likely to fall. It is a matter of taste.

Material of Prongs – What the fork is made of does not make a big difference. Your options are usually 10k white gold wedding ring set or platinum. Platinum is much stronger and heavier than gold. Gold fork can be bent and over time wear down. Platinum fork will remain as new as the day you bought it and tend to bend. Ring material, it is a matter of taste and budget. Where most people are concerned is white gold verses platinum. Let’s look at both:

Cheap 10k White Gold Wedding Rings,10k White Gold Wedding Ring picture

10k white gold wedding ring set is made by mixing gold and other white metals such as silver, nickel, palladium and platinum. This mixing causes the gold to change the display color to white or silver. The color is not exactly as white as jewelery and customers will like it so they electroplate the white gold with rhodium making it look whiter. The only problem with this method is that the electroplating only attaches a thin layer of rhodium are depleted within about a year and must be repeated to get back the original shine.