The Beauty From Tanzanite Rings For You

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Are you familiar with tanzanite rings? Well this ring now is a magnet of attention from many people. The beauty that emanates from the ring is able to amaze the people who see it. Tanzanite itself is a gem which is derived from the mining in the near of Kilimanjaro Mount, Tanzania. It has beautiful blue or purple color. The ring is considered extremely rare to be found in the natural form it is only found in this one place.

The price of tanzanite rings has variety and depends on the carat of the gem. The 3 to 5 carat of tanzanite is worth at least $500 to $700 depends on the quality of the cuts. Well if it is added by the material of the ring, the price will also be increased. You can add the gems to the silver, white gold or platinum ring. It makes beautiful combination between the silver colored metal.

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 tanzanite rings

Maybe some of you still doubt how durable tanzanite rings are? Well it must be said that the gems is actually really durable. It has Mohs hardness of 6.5 to 7.0. The matter is on the ring. It would be best if you choose the most durable materials.

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 tanzanite rings