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Alexandrite rings may not be as popular as diamond rings, ruby rings, or sapphire rings. But for the fans and the adorer of the stone, alexandrite is a really special kind of stone. Alexandrite is a type of chrysoberyl, a type of mineral that is also a gemstone. The alexandrite can be found naturally in a lot of place such as Nepal, Russia, India, Madagascar, Tanzania, and also Sri Lanka. But nowadays most of the alexandrite that is sold and used is human made or synthetic alexandrite.

The beauty of alexandrite rings that other gems do not have is the ability of alexandrite to change its color in different light situation. This is unique to alexandrite and creates novelty effect for the wearer. The use of alexandrite on wedding rings is getting more and more popular as the rising price of other stones such as diamonds. The affordability and the unique color that alexandrite has gave it a more personal feeling.

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Alexandrite rings

If you want to buy alexandrite rings as your wedding rings than you will most likely purchase a synthetic alexandrite. It is this way because the supply of natural alexandrite is almost gone. Natural alexandrite can fetch a lot of money and it is not really worth for a wedding ring.

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Alexandrite rings