The DIY Project of Blank Koozies

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blank koozies – The blank koozies will be a common thing to be found by us. Sure, that is the basic look of koozie which we often use for the bottle, such like the beer bottle. However, sometimes we have no idea related to the koozies which we find especially for the blank one with the plain look. However, nowadays, we can simply make it to be stunning, for example by designing and decorating it to be the unique look of the koozies. We can spend the leisure time to do this DIY project.

Doing the DIY project for the unique koozie is not something difficult. We can get the stunning look of the kozzie. If we want the simple way, we only need to prepare the blank koozies and some pattern fabrics. What we need to do is designing it first. You can simply stick the pattern fabric on the koozies and they will have the different look.

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Blank Koozies

The stunning patterns of fabric make the koozie looks so different. So, you can choose the unique pattern ones. Another idea is you can make stick fabric which has the unique words on it. That will make the plain blank koozies to be totally different yet stunning without spending much money.

Blank Koozies