Unique Peridot Rings

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Peridot is an olivine that is gem quality. Peridot only comes in one color, which is olive green. It is one of a few gem stones that come in just one variety of color. But the intensity of the green and the yellow can differ among the peridots, because it depends on how much iron is contained in the structure of the crystal. The most valued color of all peridot is the dark olive green peridot. Peridot rings have been used and worn for centuries. It is first recorded or registered in England by a bishop. It is often mistaken as emerald and other similar green colored gem stones back in the day.

Peridot rings as wedding rings is common because there are a lot of people who loves the color of peridot. It is subtle but deep at the same time. It symbolizes the marriage life and it is considered a good luck charm. The price for peridot is not too high and not too low, perfect for a wedding ring gem stone.

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Peridot rings

The peridot rings are the perfect rings for summer because of its light and can be combined with other types of jewelry. This makes the peridot become more popular these days and it is coming back in trend.

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Peridot rings