Amazing Christening Favors

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Christening favors are the most suitable thing to give for your guests to show your gratitude to them. Instead of thank you notes, favors can give your guests memories of the event. The favors don’t have to be expensive since the main purpose of the favors is showing that you really appreciate your guests’ attention. Thus, you need to make the best of it.

Creativity and imagination are highly needed in order to choose the best christening favors. It would be okay to spend an hour or two to pick the kind of favors your guests would like to bring home. They will be very grateful about it. Religious mementos are probably one of the most suitable favors to give since christening is a religious event. Little angels, candle holders, prayer card, or angel-shaped candle are the things you need to consider. Otherwise, giving your guests sweet favors or home-made baked cookies are definitely amazing ideas. If you really love to bake, then make the most delicious cookies your guests ever tasted. Make the cookies in various cute shapes like rabbit, little angels, or teddy bear.

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Christening favors

Choosing the right wrappers is also essential to make the perfection out of your christening favors. Consider the pattern and color of the warp. You can also choose bag wrapping, envelopes, or buckets.

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Christening favors