Diamond Cheap Wedding Rings Under 100

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Choosing cheap wedding rings under 100 does not mean your diamond is not valuable. If you want to get the diamond wedding ring under 100. You still need to consider four C – cut, clarity, color and rust.

It may be cheap wedding ring, but that does not mean that your diamond look uninteresting. A diamond cut will affect intelligence, or light reflecting gem quality. The quality of your diamond will always affect the look of your ring.

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Cut in your cheap wedding rings under 100 will improve the quality, fire and brilliance of your ring. The cut of the diamond should have the balanced depth and breadth of the diamond.

A bad cut of diamond in the same size can look flat. It will be more susceptible to cleavage and breakage. Diamonds are the kind of crystals of carbon. This always indicates the clarity of the diamond. The purity of the stone will defect the crystal structure on its surface.  There is no such thing as a flawless diamond in nature. This factor is sometimes referred clarity on that stone cleaner.

If you look at cheap wedding rings under 100, you can see any flaws, either internally (inclusions) or externally (defects). This stone is called as flawless in the trade. The microscopic amount of carbon cannot be detected by the naked eye; it can reduce the value of a diamond to a large extent.

Diamond Cheap Wedding Rings Under 100